Monitored Solutions You Can Rely On



AEDs for Workplaces

Only Cardiac Responder’s comprehensive defibrillator system guarantees a working defibrillator is readily accessible, operable and can be used effectively.  According to a study published by the American Medial Association, as many as 1 in 5 defibrillators do not work and a reliable defibrillator system is recommended. Imagine the impacts to first responders and the victim if a defibrillator that doesn't work is taken to the cardiac arrest emergency! 

Standard cabinets with 24/7 real timemonitoring are available for workplaces, while Ex d enclosures with 24/7 monitoring for underground mine sites are now available. 

Monitored AEDs in Vehicles

Cardiac Responder released the Alert Control System in 2005, which provides 24/7 monitoring and guarantees a working defibrillator is readily accessible and operable.  In October 2019, Cardiac Responder released the monitored mobile SmartCase.

For fleets and vehicles requiring a Defibrillator Guarantee, GPS tracking and additional safety for personnel, this system is only available from Cardiac Responder.

Secure, Public Access Defibrillators

Cardiac Responder provides secure, publicly accessible infrastructure containing monitoreddefibrillators for areas such as transport interchanges, sporting fields and large car parks. 

These systems are tried and tested with deployments at major Sydney Interchanges and large open space multi-use sports fields.